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Sír, síremlék

The Cave of the Seven Sleepers (Ahl al-Kahf  in Arabic) is a famous pilgrimage site in the outskirts of Amman, just about 7km from city centre.

It is associated with a common story of Christianity and Islam that gradually faded away and got forgotten by most Christians. However, Holy Qur’an still preserves this story in Surah al-Kahf 18 (the cave).

We have to note that this is just one of the places that claim to be the cave of the seven sleepers, and the most famous one is located at Ephesus, Turkey.

Published in Amman

Henri Mouhot (May 15, 1826 — November 10, 1861) was a French naturalist and explorer, best known as the person who 'discovered' Angkor Wat. In fact  Angkor was never lost — the location and existence of the entire series of sites was always known to the Khmers and had been visited by several westerners since the 16th century.  However, it was Mouhot to popularise Angkor in the West. Perhaps none of the previous European visitors wrote as evocatively as Mouhot, who included interesting and detailed sketches.

Published in Laos