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Goa Gajah meaning “Elephant Cave” in Indonesian is a famous tourist attraction near Bedulu. It is believed to be built during the Pejeng Royal era (early 11th century). This T-shape cave was a unique place of worship revered both by Buddhist monks and Hindus. The cave was rediscovered in 1923, and the bathing-place in front of it was excavated in 1954. The sacred bathing-place is decorated with reliefs of goddess Wijadari.

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The bat cave sanctuary of Goa Lawah is one of the six royal temples on Bali. The cave of Goa Lawah is considered by local people to be the hiding place of one of the two snakes of the underworld. They also say that there is a secret underground tunnel between the temple of Besakih (the center of the upper world) and Goa Lawah, the center of the underworld.

Published in Bali