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Sulamani temple in 360°

Sulamani pahto is one of Bagan's most attractive temples with its two-storey pyramid-like brick architecture. It combines horizontal planes of the early period with the vertical lines of the middle. Founder of the temple was King Narapatisithu, ruler of Bagan from 1173 to 1210. Construction works started about 1181 and the temple got the name “Crowning jewel”. Like several other temples of Bagan, it was hit by the 1975 earthquake but was restored to its former glory since that time.

1. What to see

High walls surround the temple from all sides perched with beautiful gateways in each direction. Uniquely, hundreds of monastic cells were once attached to the interior face of this wall. Nowadays, however souvenir shops occupy much of the enclosure and traces of the monastic life can only be found inside. Murals dating back to the Konbanung period (18th-19th century) and traces of former paintings are to be seen on the walls of the corridors and chambers.

2. When to see

The temples of Bagan can be visited from sunrise till sunset. Please note that terraces of popular sunset spots might get closed.


3. Location

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