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Parish church of Nagygeresd in 360°

Parish church of Nagygeresd was originally built in Romanesque style during the 13th century. Not much is left from the original architecture but for the sanctuary that still preserves the original style, while the nave had been rebuilt in gothic sytle during the 14th century.

1. What to see

A beautifully preserved gothic framed gate - recovered during the reconstruction works in 1989 - leads to the nave. The patron of the church, Saint Stephen is depicted on the altar painting now placed along the wall of the nave.

2. Location
3. How to get there
3.1. By plane

The nearest airport is FlyBalaton located at Sármellék. FlyBalaton is reachable usually during summer via charter flights from several cities in Germany and from Moscow. The large international airport of Hungary, Liszt Ferenc Airport is in the suburbs of the capital, Budapest.

3.2. By car

Follow M1 toll-highway from Budapest  and drive to Győr, then follow road 85 to Csorna and finally road 86 to Sárvár.


4. Where to stay

There are a few hotels in the nearby city Sárvár.

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