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Sayid Alauddin Mausoleum 360° Virtual Tour


Built at the middle of the 14th century, this small mausoleum is a hidden gem between the large medressas.

Sayid Allauddin was a renowned holy man and a descendant of Prophet Mohammed. Besides being a well-educated religious leader, he was also a talented potter and tile-maker. Soon after his death in 1303, his burial place became a pilgrimage site. About 50 years later one of his disciples, Amir Kulyal built a mausoleum over the grave. Kulyal hoped to be buried next to his master but since he died in Bukhara, his wish never came true.

It is uncertain whether the building had any exterior ornamentation, but even if it had any decoration, nothing remained of it. Despite the plain exterior it is worth peeking inside since the tomb features amazingly beautiful blue, green and turquoise tiles.

1. Location

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