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Museo Adriano Bernareggi 360° virtual tour

The Diocesan Museum "Adriano Bernareggi" displays objects of religious and liturgical worship, mostly works from the territory of Bergamo.

Original core of the collection was assembled during the 1930s by Adriano Bernareggi, bishop of Bergamo at that time. It has been carefully preserved and extended during the past decades and since 2000, it occupies three floors and 20 rooms in the Renaissance palace of Bassi Rathgeb built Peter Isabello in 1520. Luckily enough, we've managed to get permission to take a few 360 images inside the museum to show marvelous room interiors with masterworks of  Renaissance and Baroque painters.

1. What to see

List of masterpieces to be seen include:


Francesco Rizzo da Santacroce : (1505 – 1545, Italian painter mainly active in Bergamo and Venice)
Madonna and Child with Saints and a Donor
Oil on canvas, 120 x 160 cm.

Giovan Battista Moroni (c. 1523 – 1579, Italian painter born and died in Albino, Bergamo)
Baptism of Christ
Oil on canvas, 213 x 113 cm.

Alvise Vivarini
(c. 1442/1453 – c. 1505, the leading Venetian artist before Giovanni Bellini)
Jesus Christ dead between two angels
Second half of the 15th century, oil on panel.

Daniele Crespi
(1598 – 1630, Baroque Italian painter mostly active in Milan)
Madonna and Child, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Charles Borromeo and a devoted
17th century.

Lorenzo Lotto (c. 1480 – 1556, Italian painter of the Venetian school active in Bergamo 1513-1525)
First half of 16th century, oil on canvas, from the Church of St. Alexander in Bergamo.

Bernardo and Marco da Sesto
Reliquary processional cross
Late 14th – early 15th century, rock crystal

Unknown painter from Bergamo
Portraits of the the dead: portrait of a noblewoman
18th century, oil on canvas, 132 x 95 cm.

Marco d'Oggiono (c. 1475 – c. 1530, chief pupil of Leonardo da Vinci)
Face of the Redeemer
Oil on canvas, 42.5 x 30.5 cm.

Unknown master
Madonna and Child with the stump of Jesse
15th century, carved alabaster with traces of gilding of the English school

Carved wooden altarpiece by Peter Bussolo
Madonna and Child with Saints
Late 15th century, painted and gilded

Lombard painter
The four evangelists (St. Matthew, Luke, John and Mark)
16th century, oil on canvas, 159 x 71 cm

Carved and polychrome wooden heads
These statutes of saints featured replaceable heads.
17th-18th century

Processional banners
16th-18th century

2. When to see

The museum is open Tue-Sun 9.30am - 12.30pm and 3pm - 6.30pm.

3. Location

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