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Piazza Vecchia in 360°

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Piazza Vecchia surrounded by Gothic and Renaissance buildings is probably the most picturesque square of Bergamo.

Landmarks of the piazza include the early 17th-century white porticoed Palazzo Nuovo. It was designed by the Venetian architect Vincenzo Scamozzi, and now used as a library.

Opposite the library lies Palazzo della Ragione, the former seat of the administration of the city. Being built about 1195, it is the oldest substantially intact communal palace in entire Lombardy. The ground floor contains an arcade allowing people to walk directly from Piazza del Duomo to Piazza Vecchia. The arcade was established in the mid 14th century when the building was reorientated from Piazza del Duomo, the religious center toward Piazza Vecchia, the secular center of the city. This reorientated main facade still holds the symbol of Venice, the lion of St. Mark as a reminder of the long Venetian rule. Below the arches in the arcade is a well-preserved 18th century sundial. A loggia attached to the medieval Torre del Campanone leads to the first floor of  the palace where you'll find a temporary exhibition of  Pinacoteca dell’Accademia.

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