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San Pancrazio church and fountain 360° virtual tour

Piazza San Pancrazio bears two monuments to be visited: a medieval church rebuilt in Baroque style and a 16th-century fountain in front of it.

1. The fountain

During the Middle Ages each community had to establish its own water supply system because ancient aqueducts were no longer in use. This is exactly what happened in Bergamo: a large cistern was built close to the current funicular station and a fountain was built here, at San Pancrazio square.  Similarly to other fountains built during the Venetian rule, this one is also an imposing work of art. It was carved from Zandobbio marble in 1549  by Leonardo Isabello, son of Pietro Isabello, a famous Venetian architect and engineer. The rectangular basin of the fountain had to be replaced at the end of the 18th century, possibly because it could have been destroyed by the French in 1797 when they tried to wipe out all Venetian symbols. Last restoration of the fountain was performed in 1931.

2. The church

Just behind the fountain stands the Church of San Pancrazio, a beautiful medieval building founded about 1000. It was rebuilt in Gothic style in 1450 and was consecrated in 1474. Not much has remained from its medieval architecture except for a fine Gothic entrance as the church was completely rebuilt in 1750 in Baroque style. Besides the baroque altas, it also houses an organ from 1830 built by Bossi Carlo.


3. When to see

We've visited the church on Friday in the morning (about 10-11am).

4. Location

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