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San Faustino in Riposo church and Porta Brusciata in 360°

Also called as the church of Santa Rita, the tiny Romanesque San Faustino is a real gem compressed between residential buildings.

1. History

History of the church goes back to the 8th-9th centuries when a chapel stood at this site. It is also very likely that an ancient Roman structure was incorporated into the church. Entrance of the church is from Porta Brusciata, a fortified medieval gate tower that originally served as the west gate of the Roman town of Brixia. According to the chronicles a devastating fire broke out here in 1184 and destroyed the entire city. After the fire it was decided to construct the church that is still to be seen. Its interior suffered significant modifications during the 18th and 19th centuries.

2. Legend of  St. Faustino and Giovita

Name of the church refers to St. Faustino and Giovita, Christian martyrs executed under Hadrian in 120 AD. They are patron saints of Brescia since 1438 when according to a legend they appeared on the city walls and helped locals to win a battle. According to a local legend, their bodies helped to covert  Duke Namo of Bavaria to Catholicism. It happened on May 9 806 that their bodies were carried from Basilica di San Faustino (present Church of St. Angela Merici) with a procession to be buried in the Church of Saints Faustino and Giovita. As the procession reached Porta Brusciata the bodies of the saints sweated blood here to convince the doubting Duke. After this event, Namo gave a relic of the Holy Cross to the citizens of Brescia and it is preserved in Duomo Vecchio. We've to note that Duke Namo is a mythical figure and his existence cannot be verified.

3. When to see

Unfortunately the tiny church was closed during our visit to Brescia in February 2012.

4. Location

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