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Santa Maria dei Miracoli church 360° virtual tour

This Renaissance church got its name from a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary that was once kept there. More than 500 years after its construction, the most important features of the building are its elaborately decorated marble reliefs in the facade and portico making it a must for all visitors of Brescia.

1. The marble reliefs

After the completion of construction works by 1490, sculptor-architect Giovanni Antonio Amadeo was commissioned to the carve the reliefs. He completed the project with a large number of sculptors including Antonio Della Porta from Osteno. Giovanni Antonio Amadeo was a very talented artist, his famous works include among others the Capella Colleoni in Bergamo.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli suffered serious damage in WW II and it was a real miracle that the reliefs were not destroyed. Legend has it that after WW II on a visit to the city British politician Winston Churchill declared this facade to be the most beautiful ever seen in his life.

2. When to see

We've found the church closed during our visit to Brescia on Sunday about 10.30-11am. It seems that the church might be only open for masses.

3. Location

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